about Osteo-Circuit

Osteo-Circuit was designed for individuals with osteoporosis, especially those who know that they should be exercising but are afraid of doing the wrong thing.  The program was developed to provide each patient with a safe and effective exercise program, that is evidence-based and researched, so they may confidently participate.  Each patient has an individualized program that is based on their needs. It is supervised to ensure doing the correct exercise in the correct way, so patients can now confidently exercise and improve their physical ability.

Individualized Exercise Session:  A personal session is available when needed, to learn the basics of core/abdominal control which is a foundation of the program or to assist the client in becoming comfortable in the clinic gym setting.

Private Exercise Sessions:  Some clients may prefer or require private exercise sessions and this is an option.

Individualized Program

Results from the Physical Therapy Assessment are analyzed and used to design the appropriate individualized exercises and the initial safe and effective intensity and duration.  

Individuals in the same group may be performing the same exercise but at a different level. Each participant will also be given their own exercise program to be performed at home.

The exercises are designed to build on one another and will be advanced each week if possible. At the end of the 6 weeks, each participant will have a solid exercise program they will be able to perform on their own.

Participants are encouraged to ask questions and seek help for their needs at each session.



An integral part of the program is education in proper exercise technique and body mechanics to reduce forces on the osteoporotic spine to help prevent fractures.   Proper performance of every-day activities is emphasized.  Also important is an understanding of how strength and balance play a part in reducing fall risk and thus fracture risk.  Scientific research regarding nutrition, calcium, Vitamin D and other relevant information is provided formally and informally.

Get Started!

Physical Therapy Evaluation:  To determine each individual's unique status and needs, a PT Assessment is required to begin the program.  It is performed by a licensed Physical Therapist, takes approximately 1 hour and is often paid for by health insurance if your MD/DO prescribes it as part of your treatment in conjunction with a diagnosis of Osteoporosis or Osteopenia.  The following areas are assessed:

  • Posture and alignment

  • Gait/Ambulation

  • Balance Testing-Computerized Fall Risk Assessment

  • Flexibility

  • Functional Strength

  • Vital signs before and after exercise/activity

  • Range of motion 

  • Physical Performance Testing


Objective re-testing of the initial assessment items helps determine progress that has been made and determines the progression and/or focus of  the on-going program.  


Patients tell us that they enjoy the supervision of and contact with the Physical Therapist as well as the camaraderie of the people they exercise with. 

Many also tell us that they do not like to exercise (but know that they should) and they view this as an 'appointment' that they will keep.  It is our opinion that all of this assists in their motivation to be regularly involved in an exercise program.